Officio is a software tool that automates and integrates every aspect of your immigration practice. From managing your clients to managing your forms, reminders, notes, documents, and trust account, Officio lets you work more efficiently and less costly.

Since all components are integrated with each other, you save time. And since it is online, you can work from anywhere, anytime.

Whether you are a sole agent working from home or an office or whether you have multiple locations and agents spanned across multiple time-zones, Officio is your organised office online.

Designed from the ground up for Australian Migration Agents, Officio has an intuitive, easy to navigate interface which is quick and easy to learn and straight-forward to master.

Get the functionality you need without the complexity. For example:

Individual Clients, Employers and Case Management
Cases and Employers Management
Managing clients and their cases is the centrepiece of any successful migration practice. Officio lets you manage your clients and their cases effectively and with ease.
  • The client database lets you keep complete profile of your clients, their important dates, and key file information.
  • Advanced reminder system keeps you up-to-date with what needs to be done for every client.
  • Assign date-sensitive tasks to other users.
  • Keep file-notes of every conversation you had with your clients or every task performed on their cases. Officio gives you the tools to make this job easy.
  • Manage multiple visa applications of clients without duplicating the clients.
  • Search the way you think. Combine search criteria for most sophisticated queries on your client base.
  • Create advanced reporting. Save your report queries for instant future access or export the result to MS Excel.
  • Officio has a separate user interface for Employer/Sponsors management which will easily let you manage your corporate clients.
  • Make it easy for you and your staff to meet your Code of Conduct obligations.
Forms Management
A key timesaving element in a migration practice is how effectively you utilise the forms.
  • Featuring over 150 DIBP forms.
  • Forms are all linked together so the similar data is transferred from form to form. For example, data can be transferred in various forms in one category such as student, skilled worker, sponsorship, authority to act etc.
  • Use note annotations on the forms to clarify questions for your clients or guide them where to sign.
  • Use PDF Questionnaires and Online Wizards to collect documents from your client and to generate automated PDF forms.

Forms Management
Client & Employer Portal
This portal is a space on the web, where your clients including employers and sponsors can fill out their forms, upload their documents, and check their file status.
  • The Client Portal can be embedded within your existing website or run independently to enhance communication with your clients.
  • Your clients will like to use it, as they will feel part of the process. You will like to use it as it will save you time that otherwise is wasted on answering phone calls, filling out forms and updating your clients.
  • Adjust the security settings so your clients can access only what you authorise them.
Client Account
Track the payment schedule of each client. Officio notifies you when each payment is due. Due dates could be specific dates, or events in the process of application.
  • Manage Statements of Services efficiently
  • Keep a complete record of every client account entry. Officio imports transactions directly from your bank; saving you time inputting information manually.
  • Create reconciliation reports with ease.
  • Create receipts, invoices, and request for payment instantly.
  • Officio supports multiple-currency client accounts.
Document Management
Keep a centralised repository for your clients’ documents that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.
  • Large companies synchronise work across various offices, agents and staff working from different locations.
  • You have the flexibility to work from home or office, on the road, in Australia or overseas.
Template Management
Templates are those letters or emails that you frequently use for various tasks. You only customise them for each client.
  • Officio lets you define your own templates, so you can call them up quickly for each client. Officio automatically merges the client-specific data with your templates.
  • Templates can be produced in the preferred language of your clients.
Email / Calendar
Emails get routed and sorted automatically to each client's file.
  • When you send out or receive an email, Officio knows where it should save that email. No more manual filing of emails. The key is total integration.
  • Calendar lets you keep track of your appointments. You can have multiple calendars. For example: personal, business, etc.